Whirlpool AFG 055

Whirlpool AFG 055 manual

    Lid handle.
    Lock (if provided).
    Divider (if provided).
    Defrost water drain plug.
    Control panel.
    Side motor cooling grille.
    Upper edge.
    Condenser (located at the rear)
    Please refer to the chapter “BEFORE USING THE
    Unpack the appliance.
    Remove the 4 protection pieces inserted between lid
    and appliance.
    Warning: two of the four protection pieces must be
    fitted in the seat of the condenser plastic supports,
    located at the rear of the product.
    This is necessary to ensure the correct distance from
    the wall.
    Ensure that the defrosting water drainage plug (if provided) is
    correctly positioned
    For best operation of the appliance and in order to avoid
    damage when the lid is opened, leave a space of at least
    7 cm from the rear wall and 7 cm at the sides.
    Fit the accessories (if provided).
    Switching on the appliance
    The appliance is factory set for optimum operation at a
    temperature of -18°C.
    Plug in the appliance.
    The green LED lights up (if provided).
    Also the red LED (if provided) will switch on because the
    temperature inside the appliance is not yet sufficiently low for
    food storage. The red LED will normally switch off within the
    first six hours after the appliance is switched on.
    After connecting the appliance to the mains supply
    and when the optimal temperature has been reached
    (this phase takes about 1 hour during which the lid
    will not open), ensure that the fast freeze button is
    not pressed (the yellow LED, if provided, is off)
    Place food inside the product only when the red LED
    (if provided) has switched off.
    Thanks to the efficient lid seal, the appliance lid will not
    re-open easily immediately after closing.
    Wait a few minutes before re-opening the lid of the
    Te m p e r a t u r e A d j u s t m e n t
    Use the thermostat to select the ideal storage temperature.
    To adjust the internal temperature, proceed as follows:
    Turn the thermostat knob
    to 1 for a storage temperature that
    is less cold.
    Turn the thermostat knob to 6 / for a colder storage
    When the appliance is only partially full, it is advisable to set
    the thermostat to lower positions (towards “E”, if indicated
    on the thermostat scale).
    Climatic Class Amb. T. (°C) Amb. T. (°F)
    SN From 10 to 32 From 50 to 90
    N From 16 to 32 From 61 to 90
    ST From 16 to 38 From 61 to 100
    T From 16 to 43 From 61 to 110
    adjustment thermostat.
    Red LED (if provided)
    : Indicates that the appliance
    temperature is not sufficiently low.
    Green LED (if provided)
    indicates that the appliance
    is on.
    Yellow/orange illuminated button
    (if provided)
    activates/deactivates the fast freeze function. It lights up
    when the fast freeze function is active.
    The exact configuration of the controls may vary
    according to the model.
    Your new appliance is designed exclusively for domestic use
    and for storing frozen food, freezing fresh food and making
    ice cubes.
    Regulations require that the appliance is earthed.
    The manufacturer declines all liability for injury to
    persons or animals and for damage to property
    resulting from failure to observe the above procedures
    and reminders.
    After unpacking, make sure that the appliance is
    undamaged and that the lid closes perfectly tight.
    Any damage must be reported to your dealer within
    24 hours after delivery of the appliance.
    Wait at least two hours before switching the appliance
    on in order to ensure the refrigerant circuit is fully
    Installation of the appliance and electrical connections
    must be carried out by a qualified electrician,
    in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and
    local safety regulations.
    Clean the inside of the appliance before using it.
    Before connecting the appliance to the mains supply,
    ensure that the voltage corresponds to that given on the
    rating plate located on the rear of the appliance.
    Electrical connections must be made in accordance
    with local regulations.
    Preparation of fresh food for freezing
    Before freezing, wrap and seal fresh food in: aluminium
    foil, cling film, air and water-tight plastic bags, polyethylene
    containers with lids, provided they are suitable for freezing
    Food must be fresh, mature and of prime quality in order
    to obtain high quality frozen food.
    Fresh vegetables and fruit should preferably be frozen as
    soon as they are picked to maintain the full original
    nutritional value, consistency, colour and flavour.
    Always leave hot food to cool before placing in the
    Freezing fresh food
    Place foods to be frozen in direct
    contact with the walls of
    A) - foods to be frozen,
    B) - foods already frozen.
    Avoid placing foods to be frozen
    in direct contact with food
    already frozen.
    For best and fastest freezing,
    foods should be split into small
    portions; this will also be useful
    when the frozen items are to
    be used.
    At least 24 hours before storing fresh food in the
    appliance, press the fast freeze button. For appliances
    without this button, turn the thermostat to .
    Place the food to be frozen and keep the lid of the appliance
    closed for 24 hours. At the end of this period, switch off the
    fast freeze button (if provided).
    Refer to the table on the appliance (if provided)
    Classification of frozen foods
    Put the frozen products
    into the appliance and
    classify them; The
    storage date should be
    indicated on the packs,
    to allow use within
    expiry dates.
    Advice for storing
    frozen food
    When purchasing
    frozen food products:
    Make sure that the package is intact (frozen food in
    damaged packaging may have deteriorated). If the package
    is swollen or has damp patches, it may not have been
    stored under optimal conditions and defrosting may have
    already begun.
    When shopping, leave frozen food purchases until last and
    transport the products in a thermally insulated cool bag.
    Once at home, place the frozen foods immediately in the
    Avoid, or reduce temperature variations to the minimum.
    Respect the best-before date on the package.
    Always observe the storage information on the package.
    Eat fully or partially defrosted foods immediately.
    Do not refreeze unless the food is cooked after it has
    thawed. Once cooked, the thawed food can be
    If there is a long power failure:
    Do not open the appliance lid except to place ice
    packs (if provided) over the frozen foods on the right
    and left of the appliance. This will slow down the rise
    in temperature.
Whirlpool AFG 055

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Whirlpool AFG 055 specifications

Brand Whirlpool
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