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BCC 37
34 5
Operating Manual
Please read and observe the following
information and keep the operating
manual nearby for future reference!
Safety information
Risk of fatal injury through cable!
Children could become entangled in the cables and strangle
Æ Ensure that the baby monitoring units and power cable are
out of reach of babies/children, i.e. they are at least one meter
Risk of explosion!
Æ Only use the power adapter plug supplied!
Æ Only use the battery supplied or ones of the same type!
Æ Always treat batteries with due care and attention and only
use them as described.
Æ Never use standard and rechargeable batteries together.
Never use rechargeable batteries or standard batteries with
different capacities or charge statuses together. Never use
rechargeable batteries or standard batteries which are
Risk of suffocation through small objects, packaging and
protective foil!
Æ Keep children away from the product and its packaging!
Risk of fire through power adapter plugs!
Power adapter plugs can heat up.
Æ Never leave any objects on the power adapter plugs. Ensure
access to the power adapter plugs is not obstructed by fur
niture or such.
Risk of tripping due to improperly laid cable!
Æ Lay the cables so that nobody can trip over them!
Batteries represent a hazard to health and the environment!
Æ Never open, damage or swallow batteries or allow them to
pollute the environment. They could contain toxic and
ecologically harmful heavy metals.
Intended use
The baby monitor serves to monitor a baby/child in a room. The
transmitter unit, located near the child, transmits noises made by the
baby/child to the receiver unit. Any other use is considered uninten
ded use. Unauthorised modification or reconstruction is not permit
ted. Under no circumstances open the devices or complete any
repair work yourself.
Use only in suitable environments
Observe all local directives and regulations.
Prevent excessive exposure to smoke, dust, vibration, chemicals,
moisture, heat and direct sunlight.
Package contents
- Receiver unit
- Transmitter unit
- Battery
- Power adapter plug, transmitter unit
- Power adapter plug, receiver unit
- Operating manual
Operating elements
Transmitter unit
1 Operating indicator
2 Power adapter plug socket
Receiver unit
3 Noise indicator
4 Operating indicator
5 Reception indicator
6 Belt clip
7 Battery compartment
8 Power adapter plug connection
9 Increase the volume
10 Reduce the volume
11 On/Off switch
Inserting the battery in the receiver unit
Æ Open the battery compartment.
Æ Connect the plug from the battery and insert the battery.
Æ Close the battery compartment.
Starting up the transmitter unit
Æ Connect the power adapter plug to the power adapter socket [2]
on the transmitter unit and plug it into the mains power outlet. Ê The
operating indicator [1] lights up and the device is in operation.
The transmitter unit also transmits when the receiver unit is not
in operation. The signals can be received by other units.
Switching the transmitter unit off
Æ Disconnect the power adapter plug from the mains power outlet.
Starting up the receiver unit
Æ Connect the power adapter plug to the power adapter socket [8]
on the receiver unit and plug it into the mains power outlet.
Æ Press the button [11] to switch the unit on.Ê The operating indic
ator [4] lights up.
If the operating indicator [4] flashes, the battery is being charged.
When the battery is charged, the receiver unit can also be operated
without a mains power supply.
The range is maximally 300m but can be reduced by obstacles
such as walls etc. If the receiver unit is outside the range, the
indicator [5] flashes.
Changing the volume
Æ Press the button [9] Ê Raise the volume.
Æ Press the button [10] Ê Lower the volume.
Noise indicator
The noise indicator [3] indicates the volume of a noise. The louder
the noise, the faster the indicator flashes.
Switching the receiver unit off
Æ Press the button [11] Ê Switch the receiver unit off.
Power adapter plug, transmitter unit
Using the energy-efficient power adapter plug 5E-AD050060-E
(input 100-240V
, output 5V
, 600mA) the zero load is approx.
0,04W. The average efficiency is approx. 69,5%. The maximum
power consumption is approx. 1,2W.
Power adapter plug, receiver unit
Using the energy-efficient power adapter plug 5E-AD050060-E
(input 100-240V
, output 5V
, 600mA) the zero load is approx.
0,04W. The average efficiency is approx. 69,5%. The maximum
power consumption is approx. 1,1W.
Service hotline
In the case of technical problems, contact our Service hotline.
Switzerland: Tel. 0900 00 1675 (national charges, Swisscom at time
of going to print: CHF 2.60/min).
In the case of claims under the terms of guarantee, please contact
your sales outlet.
Æ Clean the surface of the housing with a soft, fluff-free cloth.
Æ Do not use any cleaning agents or solvents.
In order to dispose of your device, take it to a collection point
provided by your local public waste authorities (e.g. recycling
centre). According to laws on the disposal of electronic and
electrical devices, owners are obliged to dispose of old electronic and
electrical devices in a separate waste container. The adjacent symbol
indicates that the device must not be disposed of in normal domestic
You are legally obliged to dispose of power packs and batteries
at the point-of-sale or in the corresponding containers provided
at collection points by the public waste authorities. Disposal is
free of charge. The symbols indicate that the batteries must not
be disposed of in normal domestic waste and that they must be
brought to collection points provided by local public waste
Packaging materials must be disposed of according to local
SWITEL equipment is produced and tested according to the latest
production methods. The implementation of carefully chosen
materials and highly developed technologies ensure trouble-free
functioning and a long service life. The terms of guarantee do not
apply to the batteries or power packs used in the products. The
period of guarantee is 24 months from the date of purchase.
All deficiencies related to material or manufacturing errors within the
period of guarantee will be redressed free of charge. Rights to
claims under the terms of guarantee are annulled following
tampering by the purchaser or third parties. Damage caused as the
result of improper handling or operation, normal wear and tear,
incorrect positioning or storage, improper connection or installation
or Acts of God and other external influences are excluded from the
terms of guarantee. In the case of complaints, we reserve the right to
repair defective parts, replace them or replace the entire device.
Replaced parts or devices become our property. Rights to
compensation in the case of damage are excluded where there is no
evidence of intent or gross negligence by the manufacturer.
If your device shows signs of defect during the period of guarantee,
please return it to the sales outlet in which you purchased the
SWITEL device together with the purchase receipt. All claims under
the terms of guarantee in accordance with this agreement can only
be asserted at the sales outlet. No claims under the terms of
guarantee can be asserted after a period of two years from the date
of purchase and hand-over of the product.
Declaration of Conformity
This device fulfils the requirements stipulated in the EU
directive 1999/5/EC concerning radio equipment and
telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual
recognition of their conformity. Conformity with the above mentioned
directive is confirmed by the CE mark on the device. To view the
complete Declaration of Conformity, please refer to the free download
available on our web site at www.switel.com.

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hello. the mashine not work. i put both in the power no lamp light and no power is on.

Sila Hilal, 2016-12-22 10:15:00

Product specifications

Brand Switel
Model BCC 37
Product Baby Monitor
EAN 7640110018910, 7640110016282
Language English
Productgroup Baby Monitors
Filetype PDF
Channels quantity -
Maximum range 300
Volume control Digital
Product colour Green, White