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NWZ-S636F [CEW-U] 4-108-151-11(1)
©2008 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia 4-108-151-11 (1)
Quick Start Guide
About the Manual
Quick Start Guide: Explains set up, enabling you to import songs, videos and photos to a
computer, and to transfer them to the player.
Operation Guide (PDF file): Explains advanced features of the player and offers troubleshooting
Troubleshooting: Explains symptoms, causes and remedies when the player has problems.
Precautions: Explains important notes to prevent accidents.
Supplied Accessories
Please check the accessories in the package.
Headphones (1)
Earbuds (Size S, L)*
USB cable (1)
Attachment (1)
Use when connecting the player to the
optional cradle, etc.
Audio input cable*
Plug adaptor for in-ight use (single/
CD-ROM (1)
Windows Media Player 11
Media Manager for WALKMAN
Content Transfer
Operation Guide (PDF le)
Quick Start Guide (this manual) (1)
For details about changing the size of the
earbuds, refer to “Supplied Accessories” in the
Operation Guide (PDF file).
NWZ-S736F/S738F/S739F only
Before Connecting the
Player to Your Computer
Make sure that the OS is Windows XP (Service
Pack 2 or later) or Windows Vista, (Service Pack
1 or later) and the installed Windows Media
Player version on your computer is 10 or 11.
Charging the Battery
e player’s battery is recharged while the
player is connected to a running computer.
About 3 hours
Fully chargedCharging
While the player is connected to a computer,
do not turn on, restart, wake up from
sleep mode, or shut down the computer.
ese operations may cause the player to
malfunction. Disconnect the player from the
computer before performing these operations.
About the Home menu
e Home menu appears when you press and hold the BACK/HOME button. e Home menu is
the starting point to play audio, search for songs, change settings, etc.
Press and hold the BACK/HOME button to
go to the Home menu.
SensMe™ Channels
FM Radio
Photo Library
Intelligent Shue
Video Library
Music Library
Now Playing
Podcast Library
Conrm. Conrm.
Returns to the previous screen. Returns to the previous screen.
Parts and Controls
BACK/HOME button
Press to go up one list screen level, or to
return to the previous menu. Press and hold
the BACK/HOME button to display the
Home menu.
5-way button
Press the button to start playback. Press
button to conrm aer selecting an
item with the
/// button.
/ buttons
/ buttons
Installing the Operation Guide and Software
You can install the Operation Guide (PDF le) and soware from the supplied CD-ROM
following the steps below. When installing, you must log on to your computer as an
1 Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your computer.
e install wizard will start automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions.
2 When the install menu appears, click on the item to install on the left
side, and then click the [Install] button on the right lower side of the
Follow the on-screen instructions.
To install the Operation Guide (PDF le), select [
Operation Guide].
To view the Operation Guide (PDF le)
Aer installation completes, a icon appears on your desktop. You can view the Operation Guide
by clicking the
icon. For details about how to use or set player functions, refer to the Operation
Guide (PDF le).
To view the Operation Guide, you need Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader 5.0. Adobe Reader can be
downloaded from the Internet for free.
Headphone jack
Use this jack to connect the headphones. e
headphone cord serves as an FM radio
antenna. erefore, when listening to FM
radio, extend the cord as much as possible.
WM-PORT jack
Use this jack to connect the supplied USB
cable, or optional peripheral devices.
(NWZ-S736F/S738F/S739F only)
By sliding the NOISE CANCELING switch in
the direction of the arrow
, the Noise
Canceling function is activated.
VOL +/– button
HOLD switch
Displays the option menu. If you press and
hold the OPTION/PWR OFF button, screen
turns o and the player enters standby mode.
If the standby mode is retained for about a
day, the player turns o completely
RESET button
Resets the player when you press the RESET
button with a small pin, etc.

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