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Quick Start Guide
How to Install the Supplied Software
How to Use Your “WALKMAN”
How to Install the Supplied Software
(Including Help guide)
1 Connect your Walkman to a running computer
using the supplied USB cable. Plug in the USB
cable with facing upward, making sure the
connection is secure.
If [USB connected] appears on the screen, tap [Turn on USB storage] to connect
your Walkman.
If the following screen does not appear, swipe the status bar on the top of the
screen and tap [Turn on USB storage] on the notification panel.
Status bar
You can access your Walkman from the computer.
2 Select your Walkman on the computer.
Click [Start] - [Computer] or [My Computer] - [WALKMAN].
3 Double-click [Setup.exe].
The install wizard appears.
When you execute [Setup.exe], the [Setup.exe] file stored in the [WALKMAN]
folder of your Walkman is copied to your computer for backup, and the
WALKMAN Guide and Media Go are installed to your computer.
If you changed the type of USB connection to a setting other than MSC mode,
change mode back to MSC mode again by tapping [Connected as USB Storage] on
the notification panel.
If [Setup.exe] does not start, copy the [Setup.exe] file to your desktop, then
double-click it.
4 Follow the on-screen instructions.
After the install wizard finishes, the (WALKMAN Guide) icon
appears on the desktop of your computer. You can view the Help
guide by double-clicking the (WALKMAN Guide) icon and
clicking on the Help guide.
5 Start Media Go.
You can transfer content stored on your computer to your Walkman.
For details on transferring music, etc., refer to the Help guide.
You can start the WALKMAN Guide and Media Go from the [Start] menu (displayed by
clicking [Start]).
You can install the supplied software on another computer through the following
procedure even if you delete the [Setup.exe] file by formatting the built-in flash memory
of your Walkman. Copy the [Setup.exe] file and the [Install] folder from the [Backup]
folder of your computer to the Walkman. Then, connect the Walkman to another
computer on which you want to install the software and follow the above procedure
from step 2.
The [Backup] folder can be found at
C:\Program Files\Sony\WALKMAN Guide\NWZ-F800\Backup
([Program Files(x86)] may be displayed depending on the computer OS.)
©2012 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia
Please check the items in the package.
Headphones (1)
Earbuds (Size S, L) (1)
At purchase, M size earbuds are installed.
USB cable (1)
Attachment (1)
Use when connecting your Walkman to a peripheral device, such as a cradle
(not supplied).
Quick Start Guide (this manual)
The software is stored in the built-in flash memory of your Walkman, and
includes the following items. For details on how to install, see “How to Install
the Supplied Software (Including Help guide).
Media Go
Help guide, etc.
About Windows Operating System
Make sure that the OS is Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later), Windows Vista*
(Service Pack 2 or later) or Windows 7* (Service Pack 1 or later).
* [Compatibility mode] for Windows XP is not supported.
What You Can Do with Your WALKMAN”
To enjoy music/videos/photos
You can transfer music from CDs and transfer videos and photos to your Walkman using
a computer.
To enjoy FM radio
You can listen to FM radio using the supplied headphones.
To enjoy Internet
You can browse the Internet and download applications by connecting to a Wi-Fi
For details about this function or usage, refer to the Help guide (HTML document).
About the manuals
In addition to this Quick Start Guide, this model is accompanied by a Help
guide (HTML document) that gives detailed operating instructions.
To view on your WALKMAN” screen:
See “How to Use the Help guide on Your “WALKMAN”.
To view on a computer screen:
See “How to Install the Supplied Software (Including Help guide).
You must accept the terms of the End User License Agreement when you use
your Walkman for the first time. To read them again later, tap the (Menu)
button - [System settings] - [ About device] - [Legal information] - [Sony
Parts and Controls
(Menu) button
(Home) button
(Back) button
Headphone jack
WM-PORT jack
Connect the USB cable (supplied), or other accessories that support WM-PORT
(not supplied).
Strap hole
Built-in microphone
Built-in antenna
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS antennas are built-in.
Screen (touch screen)
Touch (tap) icons, items, control buttons, etc., on the screen to operate your
VOL (Volume) +/– button
(Double-u Dot) button
This is used to directly display the W.control.
RESET button
Press the RESET button with a small pin, etc., to reset your Walkman.
(Power) button
Hold down: Turns the power on/off.
Press: Turns the screen on/off.
About volume operation (Only for
countries/areas complying with European
An alarm (beep)* and warning [Check the volume level] are meant to protect your
ears when you raise the volume setting beyond a specific level for the first time. You
can cancel the alarm and warning by tapping [OK] button on the alert dialog.
* The alarm (beep) does not sound when connecting a Bluetooth audio device.
You can turn up the volume beyond the specific level after canceling the alarm and
After the initial warning, the alarm and warning repeat for every 20 cumulative hours
that the volume is set beyond the specific level; when this happens, the volume is
changed to the initial setting automatically.
If the volume is set beyond the specific level and you turn off your Walkman, the
volume returns to the specific level automatically.
Initial Settings
1 Use the supplied USB cable to connect your
Walkman to a running computer and charge the
Your Walkman turns on.
If a large battery symbol is displayed while you
are charging your Walkman, the remaining
charge is still too low for your Walkman to
operate. The Walkman will start automatically
after being charged for about 10 minutes.
2 If the USB connected screen appears, tap the
(Back) button to quit the screen, and then
proceed to the initial settings.
The language selection screen* appears.
* Depending on where you purchased your Walkman, the language selection
screen may not appear.
3 Select the desired language to be used to display
the End User License Agreement.
4 Make sure that you understand the terms of the
license agreement then tap [Agree].
The initial setup screen appears.
5 Tap .
6 Select the desired language.
7 Tap to begin using your Walkman.
8 Set the Wi-Fi connection, Google account and
date/time, etc., following the instructions shown
on the screen.
Wi-Fi connection and Google account can also be set afterwards.

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Product specifications

Brand Sony
Model NWZ-F804
Product Mp3 Player
EAN []
Language English
Productgroup MP3 players
Filetype PDF
Product colour Black