Sigma BC 12.12 manual

Sigma BC 12.12

On this page you find the Sigma BC 12.12 manual. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the product. If you have any questions about your that are not answered in the manual, please share your question in the troubleshooting section on the buttom of this page.

BC 12.12
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BC 12.12 /BC 12.12

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I was out on a ride today, noticed that the mph was fluctuating all over from 0.0mph to 30.0 to 5mph when my speed was constant. Thought it was the battery so when I got home changed it. and made sure the magnet was aligned. Still no luck any ideas of what could be wrong?

Ted Williams, 3 years ago

Changed battery in transmittor of my Sigma BC 12.12 but everything now works but the mph reading of the speedometer. Just says 0.0. What do I need to do to get this working?

Bill, 4 years ago

How can I get a new o ring for the battery compartment?

Debbie, 2 weeks ago

How do you turn it off

Richard Capone, 3 months ago

i have the product, but it does not start working. i think there are two problems.. the first is that when i pass the magnet through the sensor it makes a led turn on but for a few seconds and then it turns off. by the way the receptor never turned on. dont know how or why. i recently bought it but i left the country so i cant return it to the service please help me

Diego, 2 years ago

2 questions, I can't seem to change the clock from 12hr set up to 24 hr, and can I change the temp from Fahrenheit to Celsius

John McCaffrey, 2 years ago

only have my computer 2 weeks was working fine but speedo only working sometimes now then goes to zero when ridingwhy is this ? And do I have to sync every time I ride

Mark McKinney , 3 years ago

My speed keeps showing low. I have adjusted the magnet, I have made sure that my wheel size is correct. The Unit is new so I should not need a new battery. What do you recommend?

John Vander Vliet, 3 years ago

Szeretnék egy pontos magyar termék lírást erről,hogy pontosan hogyan is lehet beállítani pontosan a funkciókat rajta mert ami van hozzá az nagyon apró betű! Előre is köszönöm a válaszukat!

Csáki Tamás, 3 years ago

All of a sudden the computer stopped registering as I was riding. I changed the batteries, but that didn't help. The magnet and speed transmitter set-up had been working fine and I didn't change that. Any ideas?

Steve, 3 years ago

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Product specifications

Technical details
Speed functions   Actual, Average, Comparing, Maximum
Time functions   Clock, Ride time
Product colour   Black
Type   Wireless bicycle computer
Additional measuring parameters Temperature
Memory backup yes
Distance system of measurement   Metric
Number of users   1
Distance functions Total
Temperature measurement units   °C
Automatic on/off yes
Battery low indication yes
Battery life 1.5