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Dear Sir, A friend gave me her Reebok C5.7e due she was not using it but she couldn't find the manual. Would you please explain to me how it works? How may I control the speed either the intensity. I tried but suddenly the intensity is growing in progress without pressing any botton. Many thanks Patricia

2015-01-24 12:23:10 |



Hi, could some one please tell me the reason why my Reebok c5.7e cross trainers resistance keeps increasing automatically when i plug it and set a programme. No matter which programme is set it just keeps bleeping and resistance increases and i am unable to use it as it gets extremely tight. I would be very grateful for any explanations and solutions for this problem as i am unable to use it. Thanks Mirza

2016-12-06 22:34:40 |


Mr D Meakin

Does anyone know where I can get both foot plate replacements from for my Reebok c5.7e

2014-09-05 15:53:31 |


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