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used to. If you are using an electric shaver
for the rst time, or if you’ve been using
a dierent brand, take time to acquaint
yourself with your new electric shaver.
Your SatinShave shaver features a oating
foil that follows the contours of your skin for
a close shave. We guarantee smooth results
or Philips will refund you the full purchase
price as long as the request is received
within 45 days of purchase.
Congratulations on your purchase and
welcome to Philips! To fully benet from
the support that Philips oers, register your
product at
Features (Fig. 1)
1 Handle
2 On/o button
3 Charge indicator
4 Release button
5 Socket for small plug
6 Shaving head
7 Foil
8 Trimmers
9 Trimming comb
10 Power cord
11 Eciency cap (BRL140)
12 Soft glide cap (BRL140)
13 Pouch (BRL140)
Not shown: Cleaning brush
Note: Heads, accessories and features vary
for dierent models. Consult the overview
illustration for the heads, accessories and
features of your particular product.
Charge the product fully before you use it
for the rst time and after a long period of
Charging or using the product at
temperatures below 50 °F (10 °C) or higher
than 95 °F (35 °C) adversely aects the
lifespan of the battery.
Note: This product can only be used without
1 Make sure that the product is switched o.
2 Insert the small plug into the product and
put the power plug in the wall outlet.
Use only the power cord provided.
3 When the battery indicator ashes white
(Fig. 3), the product is charging.
It takes approximately 8 hours to fully
charge the product for a cordless
operating time of 60 minutes.
4 When the battery indicator lights up
white continuously (Fig. 4), the product is
fully charged.
The battery indicator does not light up
when the product is switched on: the
product contains enough energy to be
5 When the battery indicator ashes
orange (Fig. 3), the battery is almost
empty and needs to be charged. Charge
the product when you have nished
using it.
Note: If the product is fully charged and
connected to the electrical outlet, the
battery indicator ashes a few times when
you press the on/o button. This reminds
you to disconnect the product from the
electrical outlet before using.
Using the product
Switching on and o
1 To switch on the product, press the
on/o button once (Fig. 5).
2 To switch o the product, press the
on/o button once more.
Attaching and detaching heads
1 To attach a head, press it onto the
handle (‚click‘) (Fig. 6).
2 To detach a head, press the release
button on the back of the handle (Fig. 7).
Attaching and detaching accessories
1 To attach an accessory, align the indent
in the accessory with the notch on the
attachment. Then snap the accessory
onto the attachment (‚click‘) (Fig. 8).
2 To detach an accessory, grab its front
and back and pull it upwards o the
attachment. (Fig. 9) To detach a comb,
do not pull at the front and back but at
the sides (Fig. 10).
Shaving and trimming
The product is suitable for use in the bath
or shower, but you can also use it dry. If you
want to use creams or body lotion, apply
them after you have used the product.
Note: The product can only be used without
Note: When you use the product to trim
hairs, use it dry for the best result.
1 Place the product on your skin in such a
way that the attachment or accessory is
in full contact with the skin (Fig. 11).
2 When you use the product on sensitive
areas, stretch the skin with your
free hand. When you use it on your
underarms, raise your arm and put your
hand on the back of your head to stretch
the skin (Fig. 12).
3 Move the product slowly against the
direction of hair growth (Fig. 13).
Note: If you move the product over your
skin too fast, you may not obtain a smooth
Shaving head
You can use the shaving head to shave your
legs and body.
Note: The product can be moved in two
directions, for easier shaving of underarms.
Note: Always check the foil before use. If it
is damaged in any way, replace the cutting
unit right away (see ‚Replacement‘).
Trimming comb
You can attach the trimming comb onto the
shaving head to trim hairs to a length of 3mm.
Eciency cap
You can attach the eciency cap onto
the shaving head to make the hairs stand
upright during shaving. This makes it easier
to remove them.
Soft glide cap
You can attach the soft glide cap onto the
shaving head to cover the back trimmer of
the shaving head for extra safety in curvy
areas. The smooth material makes it glide
eortlessly over your skin.
Make sure that you attach the soft glide cap
in such a way that the back trimmer of the
shaving head is covered (Fig. 14).
Cleaning and storage
Keep the power cord dry (Fig. 2).
1 Switch o the product.
2 Use the cleaning brush to brush away
any hairs that have collected under the
trimmers of the shaving head.
3 Pull the cutting unit out of the shaving
head (Fig. 15).
4 Clean all parts of the shaving head with
the cleaning brush, except the foil.
5 Rinse the cutting unit, shaving head and
accessories under the tap. Shake them
rmly to remove water drops.
6 Let all parts dry completely.
7 Place the cutting unit back into the
shaving head (‚click‘).
8 Put the trimming comb on the shaving
head to prevent damage to the shaving
head when you store it.
9 Store the handle, heads and accessories
in the pouch.
Note: Lubricate trimmer teeth and foils
with a drop of sewing machine oil every six
weeks for optimal performance.
A worn or damaged cutting unit should
only be replaced with an original
Philips cutting unit which is available at
You can also call 1-800-243-7884 (in US
only) or 1-866-800-9311 (in Canada only)
for assistance.
This product has no other user-serviceable
Replacing the shaving head cutting unit
For maximum shaving performance, replace
the cutting unit of the shaving head once a
1 Switch o the product and disconnect it
from the power outlet.
2 Press the release button on the back of
the handle and pull the shaving head o
the handle.
When using an electric product, basic
precautions should always be followed,
including the following:
Read all instructions before using this
To reduce the risk of electric shock:
- Do not reach for a corded product that
has fallen into water. Unplug immediately
from the power outlet.
- Keep the power cord dry (Fig. 2).
- Do not place or store the product where
it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.
Do not place or drop the product into
water or other liquid.
- Remove power cord from power outlet
and product before cleaning.
To reduce the risk of burns, re, electric
shock, or injury to persons:
- Close supervision is required when this
product is used by, on, or near children,
or persons with limited physical, sensory,
or mental capabilities or invalids.
- Use this product only for its intended
household use as described in this
manual. Do not use attachments not
recommended by Philips North America
- Never operate this product if it has a
damaged power cord, if it is not working
properly, after it has been dropped or
damaged, or after the product or power
cord has been dropped into water.
For assistance call 1-800-243-7884.
- Keep the power cord away from heated
- Never drop or insert any object into any
- Do not use the power cord in or near a
power outlet that contains an electric
air freshener to prevent damage to the
power cord.
- Do not use this product outdoors or
operate where aerosol (spray) products
are being used or where oxygen is being
- Always check the shaving foil and trimmers
before using the product. Do not use the
product if the shaving foil or cutters are
damaged, as injury may occur.
- Always attach power cord to product
rst, then to power outlet. To disconnect,
set all controls to ‚o‘ position. Then
remove power cord from power outlet.
- Plug power cord directly into power
outlet. Do not use an extension cord.
- Unplug power cord before plugging in or
unplugging the product.
- Only use the power cord and other
accessories supplied with the product.
- Do not attempt to open the product
to remove or replace the built-in
rechargeable battery.
- The batteries used in this product may
present a re or chemical burn hazard
if mistreated. Do not disassemble, heat
above 100 °C (212 °F) or incinerate.
- Never put the product in direct sunlight
or store at a temperature above 140 °F
(60 °C).
IMPORTANT: The power plug contains a
transformer. Do not cut o the power plug
to replace it with another plug as this will
cause a hazardous condition.
This symbol indicates that
the shaver can be used in
the bath or shower.
Put it to the test
Like many new products, your Philips
SatinShave shaver may take a little getting
3 Pull the cutting unit out of the shaving
head (Fig. 15).
4 Place a new cutting unit in the shaving
head (‚click‘).
5 Attach the shaving head back onto the
For assistance, visit our website: or call toll
free 1-800-243-7884 (in US only) or
1-866-800-9311 (in Canada only).
- This product contains a rechargeable
lithium-ion battery which must be
disposed of properly (Fig. 16).
- Contact your local town or city ocials
for battery disposal information. In the
US, you can also call 1-800-822-8837
or visit for battery
drop-o locations (Fig. 16). In Canada,
you can also call 888-224-9764 or visit for battery drop-o
- For assistance, visit our website or call
1-800-243-7884 toll free.
- Your product is designed and
manufactured with high quality
materials and components, which can
be recycled and reused. For recycling
information, please contact your local
waste management facilities or visit
Full Two-Year Warranty
Philips North America LLC (USA) and Philips
Electronics Ltd (Canada) warrant this new
product against defects in materials or
workmanship for a period of two years from
the date of purchase, and agrees to repair
or replace any defective product without
IMPORTANT: This warranty does not cover
damage resulting from accident, misuse or
abuse, lack of reasonable care, the axing
of any attachment not provided with the
product or loss of parts or subjecting the
product to any but the specied voltage.*
In order to obtain warranty service, simply
go to for
assistance. It is suggested that for your
protection you return shipments of product
by insured mail, insurance prepaid. Damage
occurring during shipment is not covered
by this warranty. NOTE: No other warranty,
written or oral, is authorized by Philips
North America LLC and Philips Electronics
Ltd (Canada). This warranty gives you
specic legal rights, and you may also have
other rights which vary from state to state,
province to province or country to country.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or
limitation of incidental or consequential
damages, so the above exclusion and
limitations may not apply to you.
*Read enclosed instructions carefully.
45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not fully satised with your
product send the product back and we’ll
refund you the full purchase price.
The product must be shipped prepaid
by insured mail, insurance prepaid, have
the original sales receipt, indicating
purchase price and date of purchase,
and the money-back guarantee return
authorization form enclosed.
We cannot be responsible for lost mail.
The product must be postmarked no later
than 45 days after the date of purchase.
Philips reserves the right to verify the
purchase price of the product and limit
refunds not to exceed suggested retail
To obtain the money-back
guarantee service, please go to www. and follow the
simple 3-step process.
Delivery of refund check will occur 6–8
weeks after receipt of returned product.
In US manufactured for: Philips Personal Health,
A division of Philips North America LLC, P.O. Box
10313, Stamford, CT 06904
In Canada manufactured for: Philips Electronics
Ltd, 281 Hillmount Road, Markham, ON L6C 2S3
This symbol on the product’s
nameplate means it is listed by
Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc.
Ce symbole apparaissant sur la
plaque nominale du produit
signie qu’il est enregistré par
Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.
Este símbolo en la placa de características del
producto signica que está registrado por
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
PHILIPS and Philips shield are registered
trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V / PHILIPS et
le blason Philips sont des marques déposées de
Koninklijke Philips N.V. / PHILIPS y Philips Shield
son marcas registradas de Koninklijke Philips N.V.
©2019 Philips North America LLC.
All rights reserved / Tout droits réservés /
Todos los derechos reservados.
3000.038.8277.1 (26/6/2019)
Cuando utilice un producto eléctrico,
siempre debe seguir las precauciones
básicas, incluidas las siguientes:
Lea todas las instrucciones antes de usar
este producto.
Para reducir el riesgo de descarga
- No intente agarrar un producto con cable
que haya caído al agua. Desconéctelo
inmediatamente del enchufe de la pared.
- Mantenga el cable de alimentación seco
(Fig. 2).
- No coloque ni guarde el producto en
un lugar desde donde pueda caerse a
una bañera o fregadero. No coloque
el producto en un lugar desde donde
pueda caerse al agua o a cualquier otro
líquido ni sumerja el producto en ningún
tipo de líquido.
- Desconecte el cable de alimentación del
enchufe de pared y del producto antes
de limpiarlo.
Para reducir el riesgo de quemaduras,
incendio, descarga eléctrica o lesiones:
- El uso de este dispositivo debe estar
bajo estricta supervisión cuando esté
operado por niños, por personas con
capacidades mentales, sensoriales
o físicas limitas o por personas con
discapacidades, o cuando se emplee en
o cerca de estos.
- Use este producto solo para el uso
doméstico previsto como se describe en
este manual. No use accesorios que no
estén recomendados por la corporación
Philips North America LLC.
- Nunca utilice este producto si el cable
o el enchufe de carga están dañados,
si no funciona correctamente, si se
cayó, si está dañado o si se sumergió
en agua mientras estaba conectado a
la alimentación eléctrica. Para solicitar
asistencia, comuníquese al 1-800-243-
- Mantenga el cable de alimentación lejos
de supercies calientes.
- No deje caer ni introduzca ningún objeto
en ninguna abertura.
- No utilice el adaptador dentro o cerca de
una salida de corriente que contenga un
ventilador de aire eléctrico para prevenir
daño al adaptador.
- No use este producto a la intemperie ni
lo use donde se estén usando productos
de aerosol (atomizador) o donde se esté
administrando oxígeno.
- Revise siempre la lámina de afeitado y
las cuchillas antes de usar el producto.
No use el producto si la lámina de afeitar
y las cuchillas están dañadas, ya que
puede producirse una lesión.
- Siempre conecte la clavija al producto
primero y, luego, al tomacorriente.
Para desconectar, gire el interruptor
de encendido/apagado a la posición
de ¨APAGADO¨ y, luego, desenchufe la
clavija del tomacorriente.
- Enchufe el cable de alimentación
directamente en el toma corriente.
No use un cable de extensión.
- Desconecte el cable de alimentación
antes de conectar o desconectar el
- Utilice únicamente el cable de
alimentación y los accesorios
suministrados con el producto
- No intente abrir el producto para retirar
o reemplazar la batería recargable
- Las baterías que se emplean en este
producto pueden representar un riesgo
de incendio o de quemadura química
si no se manipulan correctamente. No
desarme, incinere ni permita que la
temperatura de las baterías supere los
100 °C (212 °F).
- Nunca exponga el producto a la luz
directa del sol ni lo guarde en lugares
con temperaturas superiores a los 140 °F
(60 °C).
¡IMPORTANTE!: El enchufe eléctrico
contiene un transformador. No corte el
enchufe eléctrico para reemplazarlo con
otro ya que esto puede producir una
condición de peligro.
Este símbolo indica que la
afeitadora puede utilizarse
en el baño o en la ducha.
Póngala a prueba
Como con muchos productos nuevos,
puede tomar un poco de tiempo
acostumbrarse a su afeitadora Philips
SatinShave. Si es la primera vez que usa una
afeitadora eléctrica o ha usado otra marca,
tómese un momento para acostumbrarse a
su nueva afeitadora eléctrica.
Su afeitadora SatinShave cuenta con una
lámina otante que sigue los contornos
de la piel para un afeitado más preciso. Le
garantizamos resultados suaves o Philips
le reembolsará el precio total de la compra,
siempre que la solicitud de reembolso se
reciba dentro de los 45 días posteriores a la
Enhorabuena por la adquisición de este
producto, y bienvenido a Philips. Para
sacar el mayor partido a la asistencia que
Philips le ofrece, registre el producto en
Características (Fig. 1)
1 Mango
2 Botón de encendido/apagado
3 Indicador de carga
4 Botón de liberación
5 Toma para clavija pequeña
6 Cabezal de afeitado
7 Lámina
8 Recortadoras
9 Peine de recorte
10 Cable de alimentación
11 Cabezal para sistema de estiramiento
de la piel (BRL140)
12 Tapa de deslizamiento suave (BRL140)
13 Funda (BRL140)
No se muestra: Cepillo de limpieza
Nota: Los cabezales, los accesorios y
las funciones pueden variar según los
diferentes modelos. Consulte la ilustración
de descripción general para ver los
cabezales, los accesorios y las funciones de
este producto en particular.
Cargue el producto completamente antes
de usarlo por primera vez y después de un
largo periodo de no usarlo.
La carga o el uso del producto a
temperaturas por debajo de los 50 °F
(10 °C) o superiores a los de 95 °F (35 °C)
afecta la vida útil de la batería.
Nota:Este producto solo se puede utilizar
sin cable.
1 Asegúrese de que el producto esté
2 Inserte la clavija pequeña en el producto
y conecte la clavija de alimentación en
cualquier tomacorriente de pared.
Use solo el cable eléctrico provisto.
3 Cuando la luz del indicador de carga
destelle en color blanco (Fig. 3), signica
que el producto se está cargando.
Toma aproximadamente 8 horas para
cargarse totalmente y posee una
autonomía de funcionamiento de
60 minutos sin cable.
4 Cuando el indicador de carga de la batería
muestra una luz blanca continua (Fig. 4),
el producto está totalmente cargado.
El indicador de batería no se ilumina
cuando el producto está encendido: el
producto contiene suciente energía
para ser usado.
5 Cuando la luz del indicador de carga de
la batería destelle en color naranja (Fig.
3), signica que la batería casi no tiene
energía y necesita recargarse. Cargue el
producto cuando termine de usarlo.
1 2

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Product specifications

Brand Philips
Model SatinShave Advanced BRL131
Product Razor
EAN 0075020077813
Language English, French, Spanish
Productgroup Razors
Filetype PDF
Packaging content
Cleaning brush
Technical details
Wet & Dry
Handle(s) features Ergo✗mic
Floating head
Facial trimmer
Precision trimmer
Ice epilation
Number of shaver heads -
Number of shaver blades -
Number of shaving foils 1
Product colour White
Battery recharge time 8
Battery capacity indicator
Battery low indication
Power source Battery
Operating time 60
Input voltage 8