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Philips DS3510

On this page you find the Philips DS3510 manual. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the product. If you have any questions about your that are not answered in the manual, please share your question in the troubleshooting section on the buttom of this page.

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English, Chinese
When you see the crossed-out wheel bin symbol attached to a product, it
means the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC:
Never dispose of your product with other household waste. Please
inform yourself about the local rules on the separate collection of
electrical and electronic products. The correct disposal of your old
product helps prevent potentially negative consequences on the
environment and human health.
Your product contains batteries covered by the European Directive 2006/66/
EC, which cannot be disposed of with normal household waste.
Environmental information
All unnecessary packaging has been omitted. We have tried to make the
packaging easy to separate into three materials: cardboard (box), polystyrene
foam (buffer) and polyethylene (bags, protective foam sheet.)
Your system consists of materials which can be recycled and reused if
disassembled by a specialized company. Please observe the local regulations
regarding the disposal of packaging materials, exhausted batteries and old
“Made for iPod” and “Made for iPhone” mean that an electronic accessory has
been designed to connect specically to iPod or iPhone, respectively, and has
been certied by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple
is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety
and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod
or iPhone may affect wireless performance.
iPhone, iPod, iPod classic, iPod nano and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple
Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
The type plate is located on the bottom of the apparatus.
Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips!
To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers,
register your product at
This ‘bolt of lightning’ indicates uninsulated material within your unit may
cause an electrical shock. For the safety of everyone in your household,
please do not remove product covering.
The ‘exclamation point’ calls attention to features for which you should
read the enclosed literature closely to prevent operating and maintenance
WARNING: To reduce the risk of re or electric shock, this apparatus
should not be exposed to rain or moisture and objects lled with liquids,
such as vases, should not be placed on this apparatus.
CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, match wide blade of plug to wide slot,
fully insert.
Only use attachments/accessories specied by the manufacturer.
Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing.
Do not place any sources of danger on the apparatus (e.g. liquid lled objects,
lighted candles).
Batteries (battery pack or batteries installed) shall not be exposed to
excessive heat such as sunshine, re or the like.
Where the MAINS plug or an appliance coupler is used as the disconnect device, the
disconnect device shall remain readily operable.
Never remove the casing of this apparatus.
Never lubricate any part of this apparatus.
Never place this apparatus on other electrical equipment.
Keep this apparatus away from direct sunlight, naked ames or heat.
Ensure that you always have easy access to the power cord, plug or adaptor to
disconnect the apparatus from the power.
Any changes or modications made to this device that are not expressly
approved by Philips Consumer Lifestyle may void the user’s authority to
operate the equipment.
Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality
materials and components, which can be recycled and reused.
플러그 제품 결기 분리 장치 하는 경우에는 장치
있는 상태 시오.
장비 외관을 제거 마십.
장비 부품에 름을 마십시오.
다른 제품 장비를 마십시오.
, 또는 않는 장비를 관하십시오.
장비 원을 단할 도록 코드, 플러 또는 댑터 손에 닿는
곳에 시오.
곳에 마십.
장비 손상 물건(: , )
장비 올려 마십.
( ) ,
Philips Consumer Lifestyle 제품 조작
장비 작동 한이 효화될 .
품은 용이 가능 품질
구성으로 설계 조되었습.
품에 WEEE Symbol(Crossed-out Wheeled Bin) 부착 경우
2002/96/EC 준수 .
품을 가정용 레기 마십시오.
규정 르셔 합니. 바른 제품 기는
강을 으로부터 보호합니.
품에 유럽 2006/66/EC 되는 .
가정 없습.
배출 규정 확인하십시오.
올바 하면 건강 부터
보호 있습.
불필 략했습. 제품을 (),
폴리 (완충) 폴리(봉투, 보호 시트)
분리 제작었습.
템은 경우 활용 사용 있는 료로
구성 습니. , 래된 폐기
관련 규정 확인하십시오.
Made for iPod Made for iPhone 자식 iPod
iPhone 가능하 제작었으 자에 Apple
준을 하는 나타. Apple 장치
또는 않습. iPod
iPhone 액세리를 사용 무선 능에 있으
의하 바랍.
Register your product and get support at
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Product specifications

Other features
Dimensions (WxDxH)   272 x 131 x 85 mm
I/O ports   USB 2.0
Compatible products   iPod
iPod mini
iPod nano
iPod with color display
iPod nano 1st Generation
iPod nano 2nd Generation
iPod nano 3rd Generation
iPod touch
iPod touch 2nd Generation
iPod touch 2nd Gen 8/16/32GB
iPod 5th Generation
iPod nano 6th generation
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
RMS rated power   8
Battery type   AA / LR6 Alkaline
Number of batteries supported   4
Ports & interfaces
AUX in yes