Panasonic Lumix H-FS014042 manual

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    Product specifications

    Lens system
    Lens type -
    Component for -
    Lens structure (elements/groups) 12/9
    Aperture range (F-F) 3.5 - 5.6
    Focal length range (f-f) 14 - 42mm
    Number of diaphragm blades7
    Maximum aperture number22
    Closest focusing distance0.3
    Minimum aperture number 3.5
    Focal length (35mm film equivalent)28 - 84mm
    Number of aspheric elements1
    Lens mount interface Micro Four Thirds
    Weight & dimensions
    Diameter 60.7mm
    Length 63.6mm
    Filter size 52mm
    Weight 165
    Other features
    Magnification 0.16
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 102.36 x 102.36 x 122.9mm
    Compatibility DMC-GF5XR, \r\nDMC-G5KBODY, \r\nDMC-G5KK, \r\nDMC-GH3KBODY, \r\nDMC-GF2KK, \r\nDMC-G3KR, \r\nDMC-GF2CS, \r\nDMC-GH2HK, \r\nDMC-GF5XW, \r\nDMC-GF5KW, \r\nDMC-G2A, \r\nDMC-GH2KK, \r\nDMC-GF5XK, \r\nDMC-GF5KK, \r\nDMC-GF5KR, \r\nDMC-G3KK, \r\nDMC-GX1KS, \r\nDMC-GF3CT, \r\nDMC-GF3KR, \r\nDMC-GF1C-K, \r\nDMC-GF1K-K, \r\nDMC-GX1XS, \r\nDMC-GF3XT, \r\nDMC-GX1KK, \r\nDMC-GH2S-BODY-ONLY, \r\nDMC-GH2K-BODY-ONLY, \r\nDMC-GH2KS, \r\nDMC-GF3KBODY, \r\nDMC-GF3XK, \r\nDMC-GF3XR, \r\nDMC-GF3XW, \r\nDMC-GF3CR, \r\nDMC-GF3KW, \r\nDMC-GF3KT, \r\nDMC-GF3CW, \r\nDMC-GF3CK, \r\nDMC-GF3KK, \r\nDMC-GX1KBODY, \r\nDMC-GX1SBODY, \r\nDMC-GX1XK, \r\nDMC-G3KW, \r\nDMC-G3KT, \r\nDMC-G3KBODY, \r\nDMC-GH1K, \r\nDMC-GH1K-Body-Only, \r\nDMC-GF2CK, \r\nDMC-GF2CW, \r\nDMC-GF2KW, \r\nDMC-GF2KR, \r\nDMC-GF2KS, \r\nDMC-GF2CR, \r\nDMC-G1K, \r\nDMC-G10K, \r\nDMC-G1A, \r\nDMC-G1R, \r\nDMC-G2K, \r\nDMC-G2R
    Camera brands compatibility Panasonic
    Maximum magnification 0.32
    Packaging content
    Bag included yes
    Colour of product Black