Midland XTC-400 manual

On this page you find the Midland XTC-400 manual. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the product.If you have any questions about your Camcorder that are not answered in the manual, please share your question in the troubleshooting section on the buttom of this page.

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I have a Midland XTC 400VP Camera and Case. I need to attach an external Mic.The location of the Mic connection, is just above a plastic tab that supports thethreaded mount, to the front of the case. How do I connect through the case??Though about drilling through the case, to attache the remote mic cable.But the Tab would be destroyed!! And I think that this would make the camera unstable to the RAM mount. And I would lose the "image stabilization" feature.Do not plan on using under water. Case is needed to protect camera from the potential of light rain/mist and dust. Will be used inside vehicle--behind glass...But most of car is open....Any suggestionsThanks..

James Christman, 2 years ago

how long to charge the battery on a new unit for the initial 1st time, does the unit come with an instruction manual and an sd card

cannon, 2 years ago

I plug my xtc400 into the usb on the tv how come it will not play

Randy Aten, 2 years ago

Hi there I am tring to play the cam on my t.v but will not play. its the xtc400 need your help

Randy Aten, 2 years ago

I could not find the manual in English. I need it in Englisg.

Jennifer White, 2 years ago

Manual in English please. This would not be a problem if the company included the manual with the product. Go Pro probably does.

jeff, 2 years ago

how long do I charge the battery for the first time?

jeff, 2 years ago

Need instructions in ENGLISH TOXTC 400

Coy , 2 years ago

Cand use camara ,cus it don't work wit the app that you recommend,it's there a diferent or veteran app?please I pay to much money for this camara help me please

Jose, 2 years ago

how I stick the camera to the helmet

bart, 2 years ago
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