Metabo WE 24-230 MVT SET manual

Metabo WE 24-230 MVT SET

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WE 24-230 MVT SET
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W 22-180 MVT
W 22-230 MVT
WE 22-180 MVT
WE 22-230 MVT
WE 22-230 MVT Quick
W 24-180 MVT
W 24-230 MVT
WE 24-180 MVT
WE 24-230 MVT
WE 24-230 MVT Quick
WEA 24-180 MVT Quick
WEA 24-230 MVT Quick
W 26-180 MVT
W 26-230 MVT
WE 26-230 MVT Quick
WEA 26-230 MVT Quick
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Product specifications

Idle speed (max) 6600
Maximum torque   17 Nm
Product colour   Multicolour
Spindle thread M14
Sound power level 105
Sound pressure level 94
Sound power level uncertainty 3
Vibration grinding 4.8
Vibration grinding uncertainty 1.5
Vibration sanding 2.5
Vibration sanding uncertainty 1.5
Weight & dimensions
Grinding disc diameter 230 mm
Cable length   4
Height   149 mm
Length   575 mm
Weight   5800
Input power   2400
Output power   1600
AC input voltage   220-240
AC input frequency 50 - 60
Power source   AC