Kodak Mini Shot Instant manual

Kodak Mini Shot Instant

On this page you find the Kodak Mini Shot Instant manual. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the product. If you have any questions about your that are not answered in the manual, please share your question in the troubleshooting section on the buttom of this page.

Mini Shot Instant
Smartphone App Installation
1) Go to Play Store or App Store in smartphone.
2) Search “Kodak Mini Shot”
3) Install it to your smartphone.
* Photo Paper will go in and out 4 times (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Overcoating).
Do not touch the paper during printing process for best image quality
* Do not pull paper out by force during printing.
* Do not place an object in front of the paper exit slot.
* Use the latest application for best print quality. Check the latest app version from
Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
* Printer has built-in battery. Charge the printer before using.
* Handle with care during charging to prevent electric shock.
* Do not disassemble or deform.
* Avoid too high or low temperature or humidity.
* If NFC tag is not read, check its position on the Mini Shot and smartphone. Then try again.
* The higher resolution the image has, the higher quality the printed photo has.
Recommended image size is 1280*2448 pixel.
* Operating Temperature : 0~40(32104 °F)
Bluetooth Connection
1) Turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone.
2) Turn on Mini Shot.
3) Go to Bluetooth setting in your smartphone and select
"KODAK Mini-XXXX" (’XXXX’ are 4 digits combination of numbers and letters.)
1) Turn NFC on in your smart phone.
2) Turn on Mini Shot.
3) Tap the phone on the top of printer. Google Play Store app installation page will show up.
4) Install the app into your smartphone from the store.
*NFC TAG is passive only.
1) Border : You can select border of printed image.
2) Filter : You can select ilters when you take the photo
3) Flash : You can set Flash Auto or O.
4) Language : You can set language
* Taken photos are deleted when the camera is powered OFF.
NFC Connect *NFC Support Android device only.
Before Start
1) Mini Shot has built-in
Paper Jam
Image quality is not
Mini Shot is not
Power o and Power On again. Paper will be automatically ejected
If not, please contact customer service.
Print quality could be less if your photo source has low resolution.
Over 1280 x 2448 pixel is recommended for best image quality.
Press Reset button with sharp tool like pin.
Cause / Solution
Power, Shutter and Active Status
Control Panel Spec
Menu: You can select Borders, Filters, Flash or Language
Print : Print image on LCD.
Arrow Button: You can go to left or right in the menu.
OK: Confirm the setting or selected menu.
Power ON : White / Power OFF(2Sec) : O / Printing : White lickering
F.W Upgrade : Pink lickering / No Cartrige, Error : Red Flickering
Waiting,Cooling : White
Charging : Red / Charging Complete : Green
Shutter Button : Take a Photo
Connecting : Blue Blink / Bluetooth Complete : Green
Take a Photo
1) Turn on Mini Shot by pressing power button.
2) Press shutter button to take the photo after positioning the subject in LCD screen.
Pull out or Push in
cartridge with handle.
battery. Charge Mini Shot
before using it.
How to
Dimension 132.4(W) x 78.2(H) x 25.4(D) mm
LCD Viewfinder O
Paper Capacity 20, 30, 50 Sheet
LCD UI Function Print, Photo Frame, Brightness, Filter, Reprint, Flash
Camera 10 Mega Pixel
Connectivity Bluetooth v2.1+EDR
Color 3 Colors; White, Black, Kodak Yellow
Paper Size 54 x 86 mm(Credit Card Size)
All-in-One 4Pass Cartridge
Print Technology 4Pass
Smart Phone Printing O

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