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  • Wireless thermostat TP-98 - 2 - MFR51500
    Wireless thermostat TP-98
    This thermostat can replace a common indoor residential thermostat. It
    is designed to be used with electric, gas or oil heating system. The
    easy to read display shows the current room temperature and
    temperature adjustment is very simple. The main advantage is that
    there is no need of a cable between the thermostat and the heating
    The TP-98TX should be mounted
    in a dry indoor location. Choose a
    mounting location about 1.5 meters
    above the floor in the area with
    good air circulation. Avoid places
    with drafts, dead air spots and
    radiant heat from the sun or
    appliances. It should not be
    installed close to any metal
    structure or other objects that may
    obstruct radio signal transmissions.
    1. Remove the front housing of the thermostat. (using a screwdriver)
    2. Insert the batteries. Current temperature will appear on the display if
    not check the batteries.
    3. Attach the thermostat to the wall with the two screws.
    Mounting the receiver unit
    Place the receiver unit in a suitable place near the heater. Wiring
    of the unit to the heater should be done only by a professional
    1. Release the upper cover by pressing the plastic log on the top side
    of housing.
    2. Release the internal cover (1 screw).
    3. Mount the unit to the desired location (2 screws).
    4. Connect power 230VAC / 50Hz to terminals L and N.
    5. Two PE terminals are available for a protective earth connection.
    6. Terminals C (common), N.O. (normally open) and N.C. (normally
    closed) are outputs of the relay contact. This contact is protected by
    a 6.3A fuse. The contacts are galvanic separated.
    Note: The
    thermostat, which
    has a unique code,
    is enrolled to the
    receiver unit from
    the factory.
    A built-in LED
    indicator indicates a
    status of the output
    In the normal operation mode the thermostat shows the room
    temperature. To set a desired temperature:
    1. Press or button to view the set temperature. The sign SET
    will appear on the display.
    2. Hold
    or button for approximately 3 seconds till the
    temperature indicator will flash once.
    3. Use
    or button to increase or decrease the temperature
    setting. If no button is pressed for 10 seconds the unit will be
    switched back to the normal operation mode.
    The programmed temperature range is from 5˚C to 35˚C.
    The temperature span between switching ON and OFF is 1˚C. For
    example, if the temperature setting is 20˚C, the heater will be switched
    on when the room temperature drops to 19.5˚C and will be switched off
    when the temperature rises to 20.5˚C. When the thermostat is on the
    symbol HEAT will be shown on the display.
    When the temperature is above 40˚C ‘HI’ will be shown on the LCD
    and ‘LO’ will be shown when temperature falls below 0˚C.
    When the voltage of the batteries is low the LCD will be turned off. In
    that case the batteries should be changed.
    Enrolment of the thermostat into the receiver unit
    The thermostat has already been enrolled to the receiving unit in
    the factory. If you change the thermostat for a new one it must be
    enrolled to the receiver unit in the following way:
    1. Remove the batteries from the thermostat for 2 minutes.
    2. Remove the upper housing from the receiver unit.
    3. Keep pressing the button inside the receiver until the 4th LED starts
    4. Place the batteries into the thermostat. The LEDs in the receiver will
    flash once to confirm the enrolment.
    Note: Each receiver unit can cooperate only with one thermostat. If any
    other device (remote control etc.) has been enrolled to the receiver the
    receiver must be reset before enrolment of the thermostat. To reset the
    memory make the 4th LED flashing by pressing the button and then
    press and hold the button until all LEDs flash rapidly.
    Thermostat TP-98TX
    Power Source: two AAA 1.5V Alkaline batteries
    Temperature Measurement: 0 - 40˚C
    Temperature Accuracy: ±1.0˚C
    Temperature Control: 5 - 35˚C
    Temperature Control Span: 0,5˚C
    Output On Delay: 20 seconds
    Working frequency 433,92 MHz
    Working distance up to 100 m (open area)
    Coding: digital, each thermostat has a unique
    floating code
    Operating Temperature: -10˚C to 50˚C (non-condensing)
    Storage Temperature: -30˚C to 60˚C
    Size: 73.5 X 28.0 X 73.5 mm
    Housing: Polycarbonate (PC)
    Weight: 90 g (battery not included)
    Receiver unit UC-222
    Voltage: 230 V AC
    Power consumption: max. 1 W
    Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz
    Coding: digital, each thermostat has
    a unique floating code
    Output relay: over switching dry contact
    Fused 6 A at 250 V
    Can be operated according to ERC REC 70-03
    Hereby, Jablotron Ltd., declares that this TP-98 is in compliance with
    the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive
    Note: Dispose of batteries safely depending on the type of the
    batteries and local regulation. Although this product does not contain
    any harmful materials we suggest you to return the product to the
    dealer or directly to the producer after usage.
Joblotron TP-98

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Joblotron TP-98 specifications

Brand Joblotron
Model TP-98
Product Thermostats
Language English
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