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  • TP-83IR programmable wireless thermostat 1 / 2 MKL53301
    The TP-83IR programmable wireless indoor thermostat
    The TP-83IR is a wireless indoor thermostat with a programmable weekly
    heating schedule. It is designed for indoor temperature regulation which
    balances economy with comfort. The device is capable of recognizing
    warm-up persistence characteristics (within 2 days) and will adjust the
    settings accordingly so that a high level of operational comfort is achieved.
    You need not find out how early the heating should start in order to get to a
    comfortable temperature at the desired time. The required timing is
    configured automatically. The thermostat is equipped with an IR sensor.
    This is especially suitable for under-floor heating control – using the IR-
    measured temperature floor heating regulation can be performed with
    higher precision and allows for a comfortable floor temperature with no
    additional risk of damaging the floor.
    The thermostat is compatible with AC-82, AC-83 and AC-8014 receivers or
    GD-04 with GD-04R.
    Temperature adjustment can be performed by simply turning the setting knob.
    When combined with an Oasis wireless security system (Jablotron), the
    following are possible:
    Switching the heating ON and OFF remotely (by mobile phone, remote
    control or Internet).
    Disabling the heating when windows are open.
    Informing the user about heating faults and frost threats (if the temperature
    drops below a pre-configured value a warning SMS is sent).
    Informing on the occurrence of fire (when the temperature is above a pre-
    configured value).
    The TP-83IR should be mounted in a dry indoor location. Choose a mounting
    location about 1.5 meters above the floor in an area with good air circulation. The
    view of the IR sensor on the bottom must be direct and must not be shielded by
    any object – see the picture. Avoid places with draughts, dead air spots and
    radiant heat from the sun or appliances. It should not be installed close to any
    metal structure or other objects that may obstruct radio signal transmissions.
    1. Release the upper cover by pressing the plastic tab on the bottom side of the
    2. Mount the back part on to the desired location.
    3. Insert the battery (the polarity is marked on the holder).
    4. Close the thermostat.
    Install and connect the receiving unit to the heating system. If the receiving unit
    was purchased separately then the thermostat must be enrolled to it – enter
    enrollment mode on the receiving unit (see its manual) and either enter menu M1
    or connect the battery to the thermostat (both operations cause an enrollment
    signal to be sent). More information you can find in the receiver’s manual.
    Symbols on the display
    Low battery
    Heating ON
    Time / temperature
    Manual mode
    Time adjustment
    Service menu
    Week days
    Comfort temperature
    Lower temperature
    Scheduled time display
    Adjustment and programming
    All the required parameters can be configured in the adjustment menu using
    the knob. The menu is divided into the following parts:
    M1 manual temperature-adjustment
    M2 setting the economical or comfortable temperature, time
    M3 weekly programming schedule
    M4 service menu
    You can enter the menu and scroll through M1 to M4 by pressing and holding
    the knob. The desired submenu is selected by releasing the knob.
    Scrolling inside any particular menu M1 to M4 is done by turning the knob. The
    currently displayed parameter can be adjusted by pressing the knob briefly,
    turning the knob until the desired value is displayed, and confirming the setting
    by re-pressing the knob (this will also cause a return to the menu so that you can
    configure other parameters immediately). The adjustment menu is escaped from
    by pressing the knob while OK is displayed or automatically after approx. 30
    1. M1 – manual mode
    If set to manual mode, the thermostat performs
    fixed temperature regulation regardless of the
    weekly schedule. The desired temperature can be
    set within the range of t Lo to t Hi. The M1 menu
    is escaped from by pressing and holding the knob
    for 2 seconds.
    Note: As mentioned above, entering the M1 menu causes an enrollment
    signal to be sent.
    2. M2 – temperature & time setting
    If the M2 menu is entered, turning the knob will scroll through the Lower
    temperature (
    ), Comfortable temperature ( ) and Time ( ) parameters
    followed by an OK option.
    Each parameter can be entered by briefly pressing the knob. When or is
    entered the displayed temperature flashes and can be adjusted by turning the
    knob (re-pressing the knob confirms the setting). The Time parameter
    adjustment is similar but requires three steps – for the day, hour and minutes.
    3. M3 – programming the weekly heating schedule
    This mode allows you to program when the thermostat should switch between
    Day (
    ) and Night ( ) operation. The heating schedule can be programmed
    either for each day separately or just for working days or just for the weekend or
    for all days together.
    SuM o Tu We Th Fr Sa
    M o Tu We Th Fr
    Enter the M3 menu, scroll to the desired option by turning the knob and enter
    the schedule programming by briefly pressing the knob (this erases the current
    schedule setting).
    Schedule programming is done by marking
    periods of time for which the Day heating
    operation is requested. The marking bar is
    shown at the bottom of the display, each hour
    can be either marked or unmarked. You mark
    or unmark by turning the knob. The
    mark/unmark mode is displayed by
    symbols, the currently programmed hour is
    shown on the display (00 to 23). Switching
    between mark/unmark modes is done by
    pressing the knob (this applies when turning
    clockwise, turning the knob anti-clockwise
    always switches to unmark mode).
    Turning the knob to the rightmost position
    (following hour 23) will display an OK option.
    Pressing the knob will then finish programming.
    4. M4 – Service menu
    This menu allows for the configuration of parameters which usually stay fixed
    during normal operation. When the service menu is entered, the
    symbol is
    shown on the display. The menu contains 9 items (they can be scrolled through
    by turning the knob). Each of the first 7 items corresponds to a parameter which
    can be configured in a standard way (by pressing the knob, turning the knob until
    the desired value is displayed, and re-pressing the knob).
    The SPAN parameter allows you to configure the
    hysteresis – the accuracy to which the
    temperature is regulated. One of the following
    accuracy ranges can be selected: ±0.1˚C, ±0.2˚C
    or ±0.5˚C (the factory default setting is ±0.2˚C).
    Example: If the accuracy is adjusted to ±0.5˚C and the temperature is set to
    24˚C, the thermostat switches the heating on when the temperature drops
    below 23.5˚C and it switches it off if the temperature goes above 24.5˚C. In
    reality the temperature scatter can be slightly higher because of the
    temperature persistence of the room.
    Warning: too high an accuracy can cause the heating to turn on and
    off too frequently.
Joblotron TP-83IR

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Joblotron TP-83IR specifications

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