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Milt Swick

I have 2 JBL 3. I have them connected. How do I control the volume separate?

2017-06-06 21:09:37 |



Will connect to either a Samsung 3 or a Samsung SM-T320 tablet running Android 4.4.2 I own but won't play any sound. My son's phone running Android 7.1.1 will connect and play sound though. If this thing is dependent on the Android version to work I wish JBL would say so.

2017-02-08 22:44:14 |


Willie van der Hoven

I want to read the manual in big letters on my iPad. Please help

2017-02-07 14:52:11 |



My charger 3 , was working ok via Bluetooth with my iPhone 6 , but today do not connect , I restart my IPhone many times and doesn't work again , I try with another device and still not working

2017-01-23 01:20:09 |



Just bought the JBL Charge 3. After playing for a while, there is a intermittent knocking sound ( pulse rate and constant interval) at the background when a song is playing. Is it a defect?

2016-12-17 08:46:02 |



It connected to my smart phone right away but disconnected after a while and just flashes and won't reconnect and my smart phone reads communication error and just bought it today

2016-09-01 07:50:03 |


JBL Charge 3 PDF preview
  • Brand: JBL
  • Model: Charge 3
  • Product: Cradle / docking station
  • EAN: , 50036330442, 50036330459, 50036330466, 50036330473, 50036330480
  • Language: English
  • Productgroup: Cradles & Docking Stations
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Website: http://www.jbl.com/