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Huawei Talkband B1

On this page you find the Huawei Talkband B1 manual. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the product. If you have any questions about your that are not answered in the manual, please share your question in the troubleshooting section on the buttom of this page.

Talkband B1
Getting started
The TalkBand B1 is a wrist band that integrates the functions of
exercise monitoring, sleep monitoring, and Bluetooth calling.
Charge the B1 before you use it. Then perform a few quick
steps to set it up. A healthier lifestyle awaits!
Downloading the Huawei TalkBand
1. Search for Huawei TalkBand in App Store or Google
Play Store, or scan the 2D Barcode on the packaging to
download the TalkBand application.
2. Install the TalkBand application.
After the application is installed,
is displayed on your
phone or tablet.
Pairing with your phone
For devices compatible with the B1, visit consumer.huawei.
com. To pair your phone with the B1, perform the following
1. Press and hold the B1's side
button to power it on and turn
on Bluetooth.
will start
2. Touch
to open the TalkBand application and check
your phone's Bluetooth status. If Bluetooth is off, touch
the Bluetooth switch displayed in the upper right corner
of the application screen to turn it on.
Getting to know your B1
Item Description
You can remove it from the B1 for
Bluetooth calls.
Side button
•  Press and hold it to power on or off
the B1 or reject an incoming call.
•  Press it to switch between screens,
answer or end a call, and disable
Wrist band
Press it to eject the Bluetooth headset.
USB port Connect it to a charger for charging.
Headset cover
Use it to wear a Bluetooth headset more
Screen display Description
•  Blinking: Pairing with a Bluetooth
•  Steady on: A Bluetooth connection
has been set up.
3. Your phone automatically searches for and displays
nearby Bluetooth devices.
4. Touch the B1's name to pair with it. Then,
will be displayed on the B1's
screen .
Wearing the B1
Fasten the wrist strap buckles into the wrist band loops.
Screen display Description
The Bluetooth connection has failed or
is terminated.
Bluetooth status, time, and battery
Exercise reminder
Step counter
Calorie counter
Target completion progress
Target completion
Congratulations on completing your
Sleep duration
Incoming call
End a call
Reject a call
Caller name or number
Battery level from low to high
TalkBand B1
Quick Start
USB port
Wrist band loop
Wrist band
Wrist band
Side button
Headset cover
Side button
Fitness monitoring
Exercise reminder
The TalkBand application lets you set exercise reminders,
letting you set the time you want to be reminded when to
If you do not exercise at the set interval, the B1 will vibrate
and display
to remind you.
Wear the B1 on your wrist and begin a healthier life.
Setting the exercise target
Use the TalkBand application to set your daily exercise target.
Viewing your tness statistics
When you are working out, press the side button to view
your tness statistics.
1. Press the side button to view your steps and target
completion progress
2. Press the side button again to view how many calories
you have burned
Completing your exercise target
After you complete an exercise target, the B1 displays
Synchronizing your tness statistics
The B1 stores your tness statistics. You can synchronize the 
data to the TalkBand application to view it.
1. Touch to open the TalkBand application.
2. Pair the B1 with your phone. For details, see "Pairing
with your phone."
3. To synchronize data between the TalkBand application
and the B1, drag down on the application screen and
then release your finger.
After the B1 is paired with your phone, it saves the
phone's Bluetooth information. So the B1 will
automatically connect to your phone after every restart.
You can set a target for calorie burned in the same
Your B1 is water resistant. You can wear it in the
rain, when washing your hands, or while taking a
•  If your skin feels discomfort when wearing the B1,
take it off and consult a doctor.
Visit or scan
the 2D Barcode on the right to
search for and download the
TalkBand B1 User Guide in other
Bluetooth calling
The  B1  noties  you  of  incoming  calls  and  lets  you  answer 
them even when it's inconvenient for you to do so, such as
when you're driving or carrying baggage. It comes with a
Bluetooth headset which vibrates when you receive an
incoming call, and displays the caller information.
Answering a call
1. Press the wrist band button and follow the instructions
below to remove the headset.
2. If the size of  the  headset  cover  included  with  your  B1 
does not t comfortably, follow the instructions in  the 
gures below on how to replace it. 
3. Wear the headset cover and adjust it to the angle shown
in  the  following  gure  so  that  it  ts  comfortably  and 
4. Press the side button to answer incoming calls.
Listening to music
Once the B1 is paired with your phone, you can listen to
music on your phone using the Bluetooth headset.
Backup headset covers are included in the product
•  Press and hold the side button to reject an incoming
•  During a call, press the side button to end the call.
Sleep monitoring
When you wear the B1 to bed, it collects your deep sleep,
light sleep, and awake statistics. After you set a smart alarm,
if the alarm nds that you are in a light sleep during the pre-
detection period, it will go off ahead of time; if you are in the
deep sleep state, the alarm will go off at the preset time.
Setting a smart alarm
Use the TalkBand application
to  set  the  alarm  time,  pre-
detection duration, and
repeat interval.
Waking up
When your alarm is due, the B1 vibrates
and displays
the current time
Press the side button to dismiss the alert.
Getting to know your sleep status
Synchronize your sleep statistics to your TalkBand application 
to view your sleep status. If you are suffering from poor sleep
quality, it is recommended that you do some exercise, such as
You can disable the smart alarm function using the
TalkBand application.
After the data is synchronized, the TalkBand application
automatically generates a gure to provide a quick 
view of your current and previous tness statistics. 
Restart the B1 and wait until
starts blinking to set up a
Bluetooth connection again.
You can adjust the Bluetooth headset volume using
your phone.

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