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Forget bag numbers, s-bag™
is all you need to remember!
s-bag™ is the new standard dustbag
especially created by Electrolux to fit all
current Electrolux cylinder cleaners and
virtually all future ones.
s-bag™ is now your password, a simple
name that's so easy to remember you'll
get the right bag every time for your new
Electrolux vacuum cleaner.
This unique dustbag offers you a greater
level of Hygiene, thanks to its clever closing
system, high filtration and resistance level.
Beware: use of non original dustbag may
adversely affect your vacuum cleaner.
Choose only original s-bag™ each time!
s-bag™ Anti-odour.
The s-bag™ Anti-odour is a unique dustbag
that effectively neutralises unpleasant smells
that develop inside the vacuum cleaner.
Activated Carbon inside the bag absorbs
unpleasant smells during the (average)
lifetime of the dustbag.
New! s-bag™ Clinic: ideal for allergy
Nouveau! s-bag™ Clinic, idéal pour les
personnes souffrant d’allergies!
Neu! s-bag™ Clinic: ideal für Allergiker!
Nuevo! s-bag™ Clinic: Ideal para personas
Novità! s-bag™ Clinic: ideale per chi soffre
di allergie!
Nieuw! s-bag™ Clinic: ideaal voor
Ny! s-bag™ Clinic: idealisk för allergiker!
Buy accessories? Please turn over. • Zubehör kaufen? Bitte wenden. Acheter des accessoires? • Tournez la page, s'il vous plaıt.
Kit bricolage
The DIY kit
Kit animal
The animal kit
Kit Auto
The car kit
Pour optimiser les performan-
ces de votre aspirateur, utilisez
uniquement des accessoires
d'origine Electrolux.
Téléphone : 03 44 62 24 24
Our advice
To get top performance from
your vacuum cleaner, use only
original Electrolux accessories.
Telephone: 08706 055 055
Benutzen Sie für einen
optimalen Einsatz Ihres
Staubsaugers nur original
Telefon: 01801 20 30 60
Ett gott råd
Använd alltid Electrolux origi-
naltillbehör för att vara säker
på ett bra städresultat. De är
utvecklade speciellt för din
Telefon: 036-38 79 55
Kit easy clean
The easy clean kit
Les kits sont disponibles chez
les distributeurs Electrolux
(dans la majorité des pays)
et s'adaptent à la plupart des
aspirateurs Electrolux
Kits are available from Electrolux
dealers (not all countries) and fit
most Electrolux vacuum cleaners.
Sets erhalten Sie über Ihren
Electrolux-Händler und eignen
sich für die meisten Electrolux
Dessa tillbehör finns hos er
lokala Electrolux återförsäljare
(inte i alla länder) och kan an-
vändas med de flesta Electrolux
Oxygen line
822 83 95-01, 03/01
M2512_ELEC2217 Omslag OK 03-01-30 11.01 Sida 1

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