Drayton MiTime T710R

Drayton MiTime T710R manual

  • Step 1: Mounting the Wall-plate
    Installation must only be carried out by a
    qualifi ed electrician or heating engineer.
    Make sure mains input has a 3 amp fuse.
    ! CAUTION! Before installation, make sure the
    mains supply is switched off!
    Option 1: Fitting a new wall-plate
    The ideal location is 1.2m above
    oor level, with reasonable
    lighting, good access, no
    condensation, no extremes of
    temperature and a supporting
    surface that fully covers the
    back of the unit. Position with
    70mm clearance to the right,
    25mm above and suf cient room
    to access the securing screws
    underneath. Fix, with terminals
    at the top, either direct to a fl at
    wall using wall plugs and No. 6 x
    1” (25mm) woodscrews, or on a
    ush mounting single conduit box
    type UA1 (BS4662) using M3.5 x
    14 bolts. Check the 3A fuse, and
    switch on the mains.
    ! DO NOT use a surface mounting box
    Batteries, rechargeable or
    not, should not be disposed
    of into ordinary household
    waste. Instead, they must be
    recycled properly to protect
    the environment and cut
    down the waste of precious
    Your local waste
    management authority can
    supply details concerning the
    proper disposal of batteries.
    In compliance with the EU
    Directive 2006/66/EC, the
    button cell battery located
    on the printed circuit board
    inside the product, can be
    removed at the end of the
    product life, by professional
    personnel only.
    Option 2: Using an existing
    industry standard wall-plate
    Loosen the securing screws
    on the old programmer and
    unplug it. Check that there is
    70mm clearance to the right of
    the wall-plate and 25mm above
    it. Check the wiring diagram for
    your product model to compare
    terminals and, if necessary,
    change the wiring of the wall-
    plate to suit. Now plug the MiTime
    unit into the wall-plate and tighten
    the securing screws.
    Check the 3A fuse, and switch on
    the mains.
    MiTime Programmer Series
    RF Packs
    Customer Service Tel: 0845 130 5522
    Customer Service Fax: 0845 130 0622
    Technical Helpline: 0845 130 7722
    Website: www.draytoncontrols.co.uk
    E-mail: customer.care@invensys.com
    EU Design Regs:- 002180638-1/2/3
    Installer Guide 06490194001 Iss G
    Single Channel: MiTime T710R
    Dual Channel: MiTime T720R, T720M
    Multi Channel: MiTime T740R, T740M
    Step 2: Wiring
    Connect the wiring as shown above.
    T710R only: Note that the output contacts are voltage-
    free, so power needs to be put on to Terminal 1 either
    by linking from Terminal L or from a separate supply
    with a 3A fuse.
    Single Channel:
    MiTime T710R
    Dual Channel:
    MiTime T720R, T720M
    Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4
    Multi Channel:
    MiTime T740R, T740M
    Step 3: Wireless Thermostats - Checking the batteries
    Step 4: Signal Strength Step 5: Mounting Options Step 6: Cylinder Sensor (T720M, T740M only)
    How do I know when to change
    the batteries?
    When the batteries start to run low a battery icon will
    ash in the display, to indicate “low battery” during
    this time the MiStat will function normally (see fi g. to
    right). Please replace batteries with 2 x 1.5V IEC LR6
    (AA) Alkaline batteries. When the battery icon alone
    is shown in the display, the batteries are completely
    exhausted and the MiStat will cease to function
    (see below). Re-activate by replacing the batteries.
    The MiStat Room & Cylinder thermostats are pre-bound to the MiTime
    programmer in the factory so they just need to be positioned in the
    best place for wireless communication. To help with this there is a built
    in Signal strength indicator, available in the Installer settings menu on
    the MiTime programmer, as shown. It is recommended that the signal
    strength is Good or Very Good to ensure ongoing communication is
    The signal strength can also be seen on the MiStat thermostat.
    To enter signal strength menu
    Press + & - for approx. 5 secs, then scroll (+/-) to show INST-S,
    • press (
    ) to enter the installer menu,
    • Press +/- until 11 WIRELESS is shown,
    • press ( ) to enter,
    • press +/- to show 13 SIG-LEVEL as shown,
    press ( ) to see the current signal strength.
    How to replace the batteries
    Remove the battery covers using a coin. Replace the
    spent batteries with 2 x 1.5V IEC LR6 (AA) Alkaline
    batteries ensuring correct orientation. Replace the
    battery covers pressing fully home.
    MiStat Rear
    Battery Covers:
    Slide outwards
    to remove
    Once the best position has been identi ed, the MiStat
    should be fi xed to the wall using the wall bracket as
    shown. The cylinder thermostat (T720M, T740M only)
    should be mounted close to the cylinder using the
    wall bracket.
    Cylinder Thermostat
    Cylinder Thermostat Sensor
    Locate the external sensor terminal block on the lower
    edge of the MiStat C thermostat, connect a 2-core
    cable, cut to the required length to reach the sensor
    position. Connect to the sensor in the position shown
    and fold wires back through the cable grip & out
    through the cable entry, re-assemble the housing.
    Clip the spacer provided
    onto the sensor housing
    The sensor should be installed approximately one
    third of the way up the hot water cylinder. With pre-
    insulated cylinders, mark the position and size, and
    remove just enough insulation to allow the sensor to fi t
    against the metal of the cylinder in the recess formed.
    The plastic covered spring fi xing cable should be cut
    to an un-stretched length of approximately 60-75mm
    (2½”-3”) less than the circumference of the cylinder
    and the hook and eyelet should be screwed intp the
    ends. Stretch the cable round the cylinder, over the
    insulation, and position it in the groove across the
    front of the sensor housing, Engage the hook and
    NB. MiStat can also be positioned using the table
    stand included.
    Care should be taken to mount the thermostat in a
    position which is not subject to direct sunlight or draughts.
    Preferably it should be mounted on an inside wall about
    1.2m (4ft) above the fl oor in a position where it can
    respond to room temperature but away from the direct
    infl uence of radiators or other appliances giving off heat.
    Cable entry
    Connect here NTC Sensor
    Cable grip
    1/3 cylinder height
    Fixing cable
    Always switch off the mains before removing
    the MiTime programmer – and never t it to a
    live wall-plate!
    eg. eg.
    It has to be placed in a location where it will be able to
    control the room temperature.
    If POOR is displayed, look for a better location
    If NO SIGNAL is displayed, try connecting again with the room unit in
    a different position. To exit, press + & - keys for approx. 5 seconds. If
    there is no key pressed for 2 minutes, the system will exit the menu.
    Client Invensys File Name 7378 Drayton Instruction Manual Update 06490194001
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    Proof Stage
    Finished Size 420x297mm
    Creative Director Mike Lane Artwork % 100%
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Drayton MiTime T710R

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How do you program the T710r to run at a constant temp all day?

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After a power cut the unit will only display heating settings and not water settings leaving us with no hot water

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Drayton MiTime T710R specifications

Brand Drayton
Model MiTime T710R
Product Thermostats
Language English
Filetype PDF


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