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tel: 0845 300 9799 e-mail: internet:
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Ver. 20140424
4 GB MP3 Player 38-6208 Model MP611
Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct and
then save it for future reference. We reserve theright for any errors in
text or images and any necessary changes made to technical data.
In theevent of technical problems or other queries, please contact our
Customer Services.
Never expose theMP3 player to constant sunlight, heat sources,
moisture or rain.
Do not expose theMP3 player to hard knocks or blows.
Do not place theMP3 player in your pocket together with other
objects such as keys.
Operating instructions
Note: Protect your hearing. Listening on high volume for prolonged
periods can lead to permanent hearing loss.
Volume limiter
TheMP3 player is equipped with avolume limiter which prevents
thevolume from being raised above 85 dB. This is because
listening to continuous loud music for extended periods can cause
permanent hearing loss.
Thevolume limiter can, however, be temporarily disabled in order to
raise thevolume above 85 dB. Method:
Turning theMP3 player on
Hold in [ ll ] until theLED indicator starts to flash.
After amoment, thefirst music file will be played. TheLED indicator
flashes slowly when theMP3 player is in play mode.
Otherwise, play is controlled using thecontrols described in
theButtons and functions section above.
Hold in [ ll ] again to switch theMP3 player off.
Care, maintenance and storage
Wipe off theMP3 player with adry cloth.
If theMP3 player is not used for along time, thebattery should
be fully charged every 3rd month in order to maintain its capacity.
Store theMP3 player in acool, dust-free place if it is not to be
used for along time.
Troubleshooting guide
does not start.
Thebattery might be flat. Recharge thebattery.
Turn theplayer on by pressing [ ll ].
Files cannot be
transferred to
Check theconnection between theplayer
and computer.
Check that thefiles that you wish to transfer
are compatible with theplayer.
No sound. Check thevolume.
Make sure that theheadphones are intact and
connected properly.
Is theMP3 player in play mode?
Is thefile undamaged and compatible with
Thebuttons do
not work.
Reset theplayer to factory default settings
by carefully pressing [ Reset ] on theback of
theplayer with asuitable, pointed object.
This product should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.
If you are unsure how to proceed, contact your local council.
Memory capacity 4 GB
Size 5×3.5×1.5cm
Do not wear headphones when driving avehicle of
any kind. Doing so could constitute atraffic hazard.
Protect your hearing. Listening on high volume for
prolonged periods can lead to permanent hearing loss.
Buttons and functions
1. 3.5 mm headphone socket
2. LED indicator
3. [ + ] Increase thevolume
4. [ ll ] On/off, play/pause.
5. [ - ] Decrease thevolume
6. Mini USB port for charging and music file transfer
7. [ l◄◄ ] Previous track, hold in for fast rewind
8. [ ►►l ] Next track, hold in for fast forward
9. [ Reset ] Reset theMP3 player to its factory default settings
1. Press [ + ] and raise thevolume until you hear
3 quick beeps (thebeeps will be repeated if
thebutton is held in too long once you have
come to thevolume limit). Wait until thelast 3
beeps have stopped.
2. Press [ ll ] using two short presses.
Theplayer will emit two beeps to confirm that
you can raise thevolume above 85 dB.
3. Press [ + ] to raise thevolume.
Note: If after having completed the3 steps
above then lower thevolume below 85 dB or
switch theMP3 player off, thevolume limiter will
be re-enabled. All 3 steps of thelimiter disabling
procedure must be performed again in order to be
able to raise thevolume above 85 dB once more.
Charging thebuilt-in battery
Fully charge thebattery before using theMP3 player for thefirst time.
Thebattery should also be fully charged before using theMP3
player again after along period of disuse.
If theMP3 player is not used for along time, thebattery should be
fully charged every 3rd month in order to maintain its capacity.
1. Connect theMP3 player to acomputer (or other USB charger)
using thesupplied USB lead. TheLED indicator will show asteady
red to indicate that charging is in progress.
2. Full charge is achieved after about 5 hours. TheLED indicator will
show asteady blue when thebattery is fully charged.
Transferring files
1. Connect theMP3 player to acomputer using thesupplied USB lead.
2. Transfer files from thecomputer to theMP3 player in thenormal
way for your operating system.

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