Aiptek MP3-S2 manual

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The Preface
For the sake of your more comfortable and easier operation to the MP3 playerwe herein present
specific user manual for your acquisition on product instruction, usage guidance. Please seriously
study the guidance attached so as to use the player correctly.
The liability of private data loss and damage or all relevant indirect loss due to individual
misapplication to software or hardware, product disassembly, battery replacing, or any other
suddenness should be not on our company. Besides, users misunderstanding to this manual is out of
our control, hereby, we are not obligated to the third party demanding compensation due to the product
Once any alteration to this manual, excuse for the notification’s disregard.
Do not use this product in an extremely hot, cold, dusty or humid environment.
Confirm the HOLD key unlocked before usage.
Care should be taken so that the player will not be hit by any hard objects, or else it may cause
broken surface, or slippage of the battery, or damage to other hardware components
The player need to be recharged in following conditions:
a) Unprompted Power off for low battery power
b) Power on disabled.
c) No response to key operation, it needs to be discharged by RESET key and then
To avoid static electricity, do not operate this player in an extremely dry environment.
Do not disconnect the player when formatting, uploading, or downloading is proceeding, or else
it may result in errors of the program.
When this player is used as a portable hard drive. Follow the correct file operating procedures to
store and export files, for any incorrect operations may lead to the files lost. The manufacturer
shall not be liable for such problems.
Special Statement: Study this manual prudently before the usage to the player, if any data loss
due to personal operational reasons or Force Majeure incidents, the liability should be not on
our company.

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