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paragraph spacing 425
scaling 421
spacing between words 424
with Paragraph palette 423
typeface. See fonts
typographers’ quotes 407
underlining. See type
Underpainting filter 388, 396
Undo command 51
Ungroup command 323
Uniform color palette 116
Unsharp Mask filter 208, 393
about 207, 209
after resampling 64
selective sharpening 210
Unshift All Colors command 536
unwarping type layers 431
updates 10
URLs, assigning to slices 515
Use Accurate Screens option 501
Use Adobe Dialog option 70
user slices. See slices
vanishing point
about 225
about selections in 225
copying selections 225
defining and adjusting perspective
planes 225
exporting measurements, textures,
and 3D information 225
filling selections with another area
image 225
measuring in 225
painting with a color in 225
painting with sampled pixels 225
pasting an item into 225
perspective planes and the grid 225
working in 225
Vanishing Point dialog box 225
about 624
defining 625
Variations command 186
varnishes 502
vector graphics
about 58, 358
printing 487
SWF (Flash) file format 539
type 431
Vector Mask Hides Effects
option 296
vector masks
adding 321
converting to layer mask 321
disabling and enabling 321
editing 321
removing 321
vector shapes, about 358
VGA color palette 464
cloning content 558
exporting 583
previewing in the timeline 580
Video filters
De-Interlace 395
NTSC Colors 395
video layers
about 279
color mode, bit depth 545
rasterizing 564
removing footage 562
Video Preview plug-in 580
Video Workshop 5
vignetting, about 205
vignetting, correcting in camera raw
files 100
virtual memory 56
Vivid light mode 345
Wacom tablet 336
warming filters 182
warnings, showing and hiding 49
Warp tool 220
warping an image. See images
Water Paper filter 394
Watercolor filter 388
Watermark Durability Setting 471
watermarks, embedding 470, 471
Wave filter 391
WBMP format 466
web color palettes 116
web file formats
GIF and PNG-8 531
JPEG 530
PNG-24 538
web graphics
See also specific file formats
color management
considerations 136
file formats, compared 530
generating CSS layers 528
optimizing 523
output settings 543
previewing 529
web graphics, color management
considerations 136
web graphics, optimizing 620
web photo galleries
creating 517
customizing 519
options for 518
styles 519
using tokens in 519, 521
Web Shift/Unshift Selected Colors
command 536
web-safe alert, in Color Picker 120,
web-safe colors
about 122, 531
changing to 122
selecting in Adobe Color
Picker 122
selecting in Color palette 122
weighted optimization
about 528
masks and 528
wet edges, or watercolor effect 342
white balance for camera raw files 94
WIA support 67, 68
Wind filter 394
Windows (Microsoft)
color palette 116
color picker 124
system color palette 118
WMMP optimization options 538
word breaks, preventing 427
word spacing 424
work area
about 14

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plz send me Manual for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3 Using

SHANKAR LEKULE, 2016-10-03 14:48:57

Product specifications

Brand Adobe
Model Photoshop CS3
Product Photo/video software
EAN 5051254145400
Language English
Productgroup Photo/video software
Filetype PDF
License quantity 1license(s)
Software type Box
Language version French
System requirements
Minimum storage drive space 1536
Minimum RAM 512
Minimum processor Intel Pentium 4, Intel Centri✗, Intel Xeon, Intel Core Duo
Compatible operating systems Microsoft Windows XP SЗ2, Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, Enterprise
Platform PC
Mac compatibility
Other features
Media types supported DVD