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<!-- Value contains the value-part of the name-value pair for a cue point parameter -->
In addition to the restrictions enforced by the cue point XML DTD, the following characteristics apply to the XML format:
All comments regarding the data inside the tags in the DTD will be enforced on read; non-compliant XML will result in an error.
Cue points must appear in ascending time order within the XML file, and there can be only one cue point assigned at a given time.
The XML format is written as UTF-8. Other encoding types are supported if they are properly declared via an XML declaration with encoding
(for example, <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?> or a BOM marker in the file.
The only types allowed are event and navigation.
Time must be specified in milliseconds as an integer. You cannot use decimal points when specifying time (for example, 12.123 causes the
XML file to fail).
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