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A CS5.5
Adobe Creative Suite 5 Printing Guide 1
Welcome to the Adobe® Creative Suite® 5/5.5 Printing Guide. Adobe is
dedicated to providing software that allows designers to express their
visual ideas, while providing tools and resources to printers to ensure
that those ideas print as intended. While designers explore the creative
features of Adobe Photoshop® CS5, Adobe InDesign® CS5/5.5, and
Adobe Illustrator® CS5, as well as the capabilities of Acrobat® X Pro,
printers need to take a rather different approach. You might call it
“reverse engineering” inspecting, analyzing, and, if necessary,
modifying customer files to facilitate printing. While this document is
focused on the needs and requirements of printers, it is also useful for
production artists who are preparing files for print.
Some modifications (for example, replacing solid black areas with a rich
black build, or converting RGB text to black-only) are dictated by the
physical requirements of printing. Some tweaks may be necessary to
accommodate a particular raster image processor (RIP) or imaging
device. Not all workflows are the same, and solutions vary accordingly.
Regardless of your particular workflow, the more you know about the
tools used by designers to create files, the better equipped you are to
anticipate, prevent, find, and fix problems. In addition, you’ll be better
able to advise your customers as they prepare files for submission.
A CS5.5
Creative Suite 5.5 is a mid-cycle update to the Suite, which includes the
most current updates to applications, including substantial additions to
InDesign (e.g., improved ePub export, and the inclusion of the Digital
Publishing Suite tools), as well as Acrobat X. InDesign CS5.5 files cannot
be opened directly in InDesign CS5. Instead, you must export InDesign
Markup Language (IDML) from InDesign CS5.5 to be opened in
InDesign CS5. There are no feature changes to Illustrator or Photoshop.
W T G I I  D
This guide serves as both a detailed technical reference for handling
Creative Suite 5/5.5 files from your customers, and as a training tool for
your staff.
For example, this guide will introduce you to forensic tools, such as the
Overprint Preview option in Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat X Pro, as
well as the Output Preview function in Acrobat, all of which are
invaluable in highlighting potential problems. The earlier you can
pinpoint problems in a job, the less expensive and complicated they are
to rectify.
As RIPs have matured, there are fewer issues with jobs containing
transparency. The advent of pure PDF workflows based on the Adobe
PDF Print Engine will result in more reliable reproduction of PDF
contentthat is, greater consistency and fidelity to the designer’s
intent. For example, transparency effects in InDesign CS5/5.5, such as
gradient feather, glow, and inner shadow effects, image without the
need for flattening when output through a PDF Print Engine-based RIP.
You’ll find guidance in this document for identifying such effects and for
preparing jobs to correctly render them during output. Additionally,
you’ll find links to other available reference materials that cover such
topics in depth.
H T G I S
Some technologies and conceptssuch as PDF creation, transparency,
and the Adobe Graphics Modelare common across the Adobe
products used for print design and production in Creative Suite 5/5.5
Design Premium, Design Standard or Master Collection. You’ll find
information about such topics in the “Common Resources” chapter.

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Product specifications

Brand Adobe
Model Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard
Product Photo/video software
EAN 5051254471936, 5051254472360, 5051254472605, 5051254475262
Language English
Productgroup Photo/video software
Filetype PDF
System requirements
Minimum storage drive space 8396.8
Minimum RAM 1024
Minimum processor Multicore Intel
Minimum system requirements 256MB VRAM + OpenGL
Recommended RAM 2048
Other features
Platform Mac
Compatible operating systems Mac OS X v10.5.8 / v10.6
Mac compatibility
Software type Upgrade
Media types supported DVD
Language version Dutch