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Last updated 9/28/2011
JavaScript that does not appear
JavaScript does not appear while you preview Adobe Captivate output.
If the Execute JavaScript option is selected as action in the Project End options of the Project Preferences dialog box
(Edit > Preferences > Project > Start and End (Windows) or Adobe Captivate > Preferences > Project > Start and End
(Mac OS)), Adobe Captivate may not display an error message when the JavaScript is previewed. This is because the
Show Borders option as set to On (enabled), by default. When this option is on, Adobe Captivate creates multiple SWF
files—skin SWF files and content SWF files.
To preview JavaScript, set the value of the Show Borders option to Off (disable it) in the Borders tab of the Skin Editor.
The Skin Editor
The Skin Editor shows the skin preview of the first slide of the project. The preview contains the background color of
the slide (if any) or the background image. You may experience performance issues when the skin preview shows the
background image because every setting in the Skin Editor dialog box is applied to the preview immediately. To avoid
this delay of preview update while editing a skin in the Skin Editor dialog box, you can insert a blank slide as the first
slide. Then open the Skin Editor dialog box and define all your skin configurations like playbar controls, positions
menu, and borders. After finalizing the skin configuration, you can hide the first slide (the blank slide inserted) and
open the Skin Editor dialog box again to preview the final changes. The skin preview will always show the first project
slide that is not hidden.
Uninstalling Adobe Captivate
It is relatively simple to uninstall Adobe Captivate. When you uninstall Adobe Captivate, all of the files you have saved
in your My Documents\My Adobe Captivate Projects folder are retained.
To uninstall Adobe Captivate on Windows:
1 Click Start > Control Panel.
2 Double-click Add Or Remove Programs.
3 Click the Install/Uninstall tab (if your version of Windows contains this tab).
4 From the list of programs you can remove, select Adobe Captivate x.x.
5 Click Add/Remove.
6 In the Uninstall Options screen, select Remove Preferences and click Uninstall.
The uninstall program removes program files, folders, and registry entries. When the files are removed, the
uninstall program indicates that the process is complete.
7 Click Done.
To uninstall Adobe Captivate on Mac:
1 Go to Applications\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5.
2 Click Uninstall Adobe Captivate 5.
3 In the Uninstall Options screen, select Remove Preferences and click Uninstall.

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Product specifications

Brand Adobe
Model Captivate 5.5
Product Photo/video software
EAN 5051254512356, 5051254512370
Language English
Productgroup Photo/video software
Filetype PDF
System requirements
Minimum storage drive space 3072
Minimum RAM 1024
Minimum processor Intel Pentium 4, Intel Centri✗, Intel Xeon, Intel Core Duo 1GHz
Minimum system requirements 1024 x 576 (1280 x 1024) 16-bit video
Recommended processor Intel Pentium 4, Intel Centri✗, Intel Xeon, Intel Core Duo 1GHz
Recommended RAM 2048
Recommended storage drive space 3GB
Other features
Platform PC
Compatible operating systems Windows XP<br>Windows Vista<br>Windows 7
Mac compatibility
Software type -
Language version English