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82 - Playing Blu-Ray or DVD movies
If your computer is equipped with a Blu-Ray or DVD drive, you can
play movies on your computer or on a high-definition TV via the HDMI
1. Insert the disc into the drive.
2. After a few seconds, the movie will start playing.
3. If the movie does not start playing, open your movie playback
program and open the disc from the File menu.
When you launch the DVD player for the first time, the program asks
you to enter the region code. DVDs are available for 6 regions
Region code Country or region
1 USA, Canada
2 Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Japan
3 Southeast Asia, Taiwan, South Korea
4 Latin America, Australia, New Zealand
5 Former USSR, parts of Africa, India
6 People’s Republic of China
To change the region code, insert a DVD movie of a different region into the
DVD drive.
Once your DVD drive is set to a region code, it will only play DVDs for that
region. You can set the region code a maximum of five times (including the
first time), after which the last region code set will remain permanent.
Recovering your hard disk does not reset the number of times the region
code has been set.

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